When Gift Certificates are Awarded
Step One - Using the USGA Regression Method
The USGA Regression Method compares the back nine total score (Holes 10-18) either gross or net depending on the award.  If there is still a tie then the last 6 holes (Holes 13-18) are used.  If there is still a tie then the last 3 holes (Holes 16-18) and finally if their is still a tie than the score on Hole #18 is used to determine the winner. 
Step Two - Hole 18, Backwards to Hole 1 
This is the secondary method in case the USGA Regression Method does not determine a winner, in this method, we compare hole scores starting on Hole #18 and go backwards until a winner is determined.  
Step Three - A tie is awarded 
In the highly unlikely event if upon using, first the USGA Regression Method and then second method of Hole 18 Backwards, if a winner still cannot be determined we will award a tied finish.
This tie breaking method is used to determine either the net or gross score depending on the award.
It is our policy to only award one finish position per person with the award having a Gross Bias. 
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