supporting our Communities
One of the best ways to prepare our communities for the future is through the game of golf.  It's educational, challenging, full of exercise in the great outdoors and it's a great way to bond with others while creating character.  Obviously, we are biased but many independent studies will point to our game as being one of the healthiest ways to move through life. 

Couple the employment opportunities at Golf Facilities and it's supporting industries and you have an excellent catalyst for entrepreneurialism and change. That is why, since our founding, we have strived to connected all to the game.   We have done that primarily though a network of programs that have a track record of success.  Miami Valley Golf and our Foundation supports many national programs, such as the PGA Junior LeagueDrive Chip and PuttEvans Scholars and locally we have welcomed and supported the establishment of the Southern Ohio PGA Junior Tour and the YMCA's Mentors Matters Program.  Toward the Fall of 2017, we also welcomed  Youth on Course to our area.  This national program, founded and managed by the Northern California Golf Foundation supports our area's youth by providing golf rounds for $5 or less. 

The pages within this site will be dedicated to what is Next for the Community around and within Miami Valley Golf Club.