Event Policies
Updated 1/6/2023

1. By participating a Miami Valley Golf event all players agree to: 

a. Share necessary information including address, phone number, and email address. 

i. Miami Valley Golf values your privacy and will not share or sell your information to any outside partners. For Miami Valley Golf’s privacy policy please visit 

b. Consent that photographs of participant may be used in a marketing for Miami Valley Golf. Further, participant fully and unconditionally releases all claims for consideration, copyright infringement and all other claims of any nature relating to the use of participant's entry, name or likeness.

c. Adhere to all community health standards and orders and follow those recommendations and protocols.

d. Adhere to all rules as described below 
2. To be an eligible participant: 
a. Is an amateur golfer as defined by the United States Golf Association  
i. The USGA's definition of an amateur golf player is "one who plays golf for the challenge it presents, not as a profession and not for financial gain."  Please visit if more clarity is needed!rule-01  

b. No professional golfers are eligible to play in Miami Valley Golf Events unless individual entry conditions allow for professionals to participate.   

c. If an event has net divisions of play, player must have a valid USGA Handicap Index issued by a member club of Miami Valley Golf and demonstrated a healthy respect and understanding of their individual responsibilities.   Please visit if more clarity is needed!rule-14379 
d. Players and their caddies are to observe proper golf etiquette always. Any abuse or disrespect of fellow competitors, officials, spectators, employees of the host facility, or other persons conducting or attending a Miami Valley Golf sponsored event can be grounds for disqualification from the event, and possible rejection of entry for future Miami Valley Golf events. Such abuse may be verbal or physical or threat thereof and includes, but is not limited to: the use of obscene language, physical damage to property or equipment including that of the Miami Valley Golf or the host facility, and being under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances during a competitive round 

e. Players, including those that are exempt, must complete the online entry process by the published deadline(s) for each respective championship. Each event has a specific designated field limit. Excluding specific tournament policies, entries for Miami Valley Golf events are accepted on a first-in basis until the entry deadline. Late entries, entries which are incomplete or inaccurate, regardless of cause or reason, will not be accepted.   
f. Prior to the entry deadline players looking to withdraw should do so online through their GolfGenius user profile to receive an immediate refund and withdrawal. After the entry deadline has passed players should email Only withdrawals on the day of the competition should be directed to the host club golf shop. 
g. Willingly and faithfully follow all Rules and Policies Set Forth for the Event including USGA Rules of Play
h. Each entry is subject to review and approval by the Miami Valley Golf
i. Miami Valley Golf reserves the right to reject an entry at any time.   

3. Miami Valley Golf reserves the right to alter current policies surrounding these Policies.
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