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Responsibilities of a Member Club 

FORM OR ENSURE AN ACTIVE HANDICAP COMMITTEEMost responsibilities of the Handicap Committee are completed within the USGA-GHIN Handicap System already, however, peer review is still a very important aspect of providing a USGA Handicap Index.  One member of the Handicap Committee must also complete the Handicap Certification Process. For More

COMMUNICATE Keep us informed, appoint a MVGA Club Representative and provide that person’s club contact information to us annually. 

PROMOTE - Membership in Miami Valley Golf by either including in your current membership package or charging separately. 
DISPLAY -  Member Club Material, Posters, Etc. promoting Miami Valley Golf Activities and Events
PAYMENT FOR SERVICE - To insure uninterrupted service, invoices shall be paid within 30 days of issuance.
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