Associate Clubs

This classification of MVGA membership provides a golf organization that is not associated with a golf course facility and is organized primarily to pursue the game of golf an opportunity to join and enjoy the services provided by the MVGA. For information about Associate Club membership, contact the MVGA at (937) 294-6842 or e-mail
The Qualifications of an Associate Club are as follows
  1. The applicant group must have at least 10 active members.
  2. All members of the associate club must be a member of the MVGA through that group. 100% membership with the MVGA is required.
  3. The applicant group must have a written set of by-laws, constitution or written policy and procedure manual which governs its activities. (The MVGA Can Assist with this development)
  4. The committees operating under the bylaws shall supervise golf activities and maintain the integrity of the MVGA/USGA handicap system.
  5. Club members must have a reasonable and regular opportunity to play golf with one another.
  6. The applicant club must be an established golf club which has been in operation for at least one year. This can be waived by the MVGA Board of Directors if the club meets all other requirements, and if it is determined that by establishing such a club it would not be detrimental to golf clubs that are already MVGA member clubs.
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