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Alice Burton induction to DDWGA Medallion Club

  Alice Burton

Honored on September 24, 2004

When describing this Medallion Award recipient, words like integrity, competence, experience, composure, tenacity and gentility come to mind.   She has exhibited all of these qualities in the many facets of her public persona.

At many of our tournaments, you might have look out across a sunlit fairway to see her small figure moving slowly but steadily from golf cart to golf ball her aim accurate and true, her demeanor calm and quiet.   I do not believe that I have seen our her get excited or flustered, nor heard her raise her voice in anger.   She was always a stabilizing influence on those around her, speaking her mind and actively influencing those who can make things happen for the good of her constituency.  

Who composed that constituency?  All golfers have reaped the benefits of her efforts no matter what age.   For over 60 years, golfers in our area have observed her efficiency at building piece by piece organizations and opportunities for all golfers.   She did not have a large collection of tournament titles, some club championships sprinkled here and there.   But what she did have is decades of experience helping several generations of golfers do what they love to do…play golf.

In 1977 when the Dayton Women’s Golf Association folded, Alice Burton took over the city amateur tournament and ran it almost single-handedly providing everything, tournament pairings, prizes, and even snacks.   She made every contestant, newcomer or veteran, feel special.   For 12 years she WAS women’s amateur golf in Dayton.   When the Dayton District Women’s Golf Association was formed in 1992, Alice was right there with her cool head and vast experience to help us organize and run our events.   In collaboration with Jim Awsumb and Judy Farr, Alice helped establish The Jinx Fensel Memorial Tournament, our very first DDWGA event and our district’s version of a Low Net Championship.   She continued to serve on the DDWGA Board as Publicity Chair and as unofficial historian of golf in the Miami Valley until her death in 2014.   

Alice’s hand has helped guide the course of golf in the City of Dayton for many years.   She served as Community Golf Course’s representative to the City of Dayton Golf Commission for 15 years.   Her assistance to the golfers of the city earned her great respect among those who served with her, resulting in her induction into the Dayton Amateur Golf Hall of Fame in 1993.   She had been a steady and guiding influence as an officer of the Community Women’s Golf Association, and worked hard to make that organization the best it could be. The Senior Women’s Golf Association has also benefited from Alice’s vast expertise, leaving her mark as their president and vice-president.   All of these organizations looked to Alice Burton for guidance and advice, She was a dynamic part of the women’s golf landscape for many years..

Alice’s interests extended beyond the golf course.   She volunteered at Kettering Memorial Hospital in the outpatient surgical unit.   I can speak from personal experience about her good deeds.   Imagine my surprise while being prepped for surgery to look up and see her smiling face.   The bottom-line in the words of Emily Bruns, who nominated Alice for this honor, “her drive and energy get things done”!

On behalf of the Executive Board and the Members of the Dayton District Women’s Golf Association, it is our pleasure to present to you the 2004 inductee into the Medallion Club, Mrs. Alice Burton.

Alice and Cindy Burton

Peggy Wynkoop & Alice

Cathy Jefferson, Sue Seitz, Alice & Betsy Reynolds

Cathy Jefferson, Alice Burton & Lois Caylor

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