From Survey "Share your best Round or Story"
Shared by our local golfers when they registered to volunteer for the US Open Sectional  
"Jim" - Expected to be in the starting six for a Kenyon College team match. However, learned that AM I would not be. Disappointed, to be sure. But around 11am coach called with news that one of the scheduled starters had hurt himself in a party accident. So off I went to the golf course. Ending up shooting my best round of that season - a 76. Lost to my opponent, John D Piper (airplane family) by one strike. It was a pleasant round of golf with a great guy." Volunteer-Placement 
"Dick" - Any round it doesn't rain 
"Mike" - Shot 74 from back tees at SCC in club championship in about 2007 first round match play, beating a member I had never beat before." 
"Jon" - Beat my son for the first time this year in Florida on our annual golf trip at Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel. Beat him 88 to 91. One more event I can cross of my bucket list. 
"Grafflin" - My favorite round of golf was last year at Milton-Union's Bulldog Classic scramble. Our team was my two sons and my grandson. It was a thrill to play with the three generations. Before my grandson played, with another member in our team, we had won this tournament several times. Of course, it helps that one son is the Golf Coach at Milton-Union High School and is close to a Scratch golfer." 
"Steve" - The first round at Troy Country Club stands out. I was used to the hills and length of the public courses in and around Cincinnati. TCC is mostly flat, short and tight. Played it in 74 and have never come close since."   
"Michael" - Played match play in city tournment at age 52 against the young guys. Qualified in 33rd position. Matched with 3rd seed. 3rd seed player lost his focus and I was 4 up at the turn. He got his focus back and I found myself 1 down going to 18 tee. I won the 18th and started sudden death. Won the 1st hole with a 16 foot putt. What a day!   
"Dave" - Eagled hole 2, par 5 at Springfield C C this morning."   
"Greg" - On a cold and rainy day in Lakeland, FL 20 years ago I shot my best round at 81. For some reason, that day, everything was clicking for this 22 handicapper."   
"Bill" - I've had some good rounds personally but the most excited I've ever been on a course was scoring for Wendy Ward in the 3rd round of the 2001 LPGA Champions Classic at CCN. She shot 64 that day and it was really a lot of fun.   
"Ken" - Moe Norman once said that there is no reason for slow play, because they haven't moved the fairways or greens since yesterday."   
"Christopher" - My best round of golf would be at a local junior club championship that happened a couple years back. I was paired with a couple of other juniors, both who had played frequently with me in high school competition. We played 18 holes of what seemed like flawless golf, except the occasional lip out putt, at the end of the first nine I was one over par pulled even with th better player in my threesome and out of a field of 20 participants I felt I was in a great position. With some luck and a lot of clutch approach shots, par putts and overall luck I came in with a final sore 76 to take third. I didn't win this championship, but the way I had played and how relaxed I was throughout the day made me feel as if I had won."   
"Marilynn" - I was run over by a golf cart and bounced back up to finish the round!   
"Ryan" - Going out and not being able to put anything together on the front, shooting a 50. But make the turn and shoot a 37! First 37 ever!"   
"Robert" - I was to meet the UCLA men's volleyball coach, Al Scates, in Ostrander to play a round of golf one morning and arrived a bit late. After getting to the pro shop to pay greens fees I realized I had left home without my wallet. Al paid for my round and we were quite close in score until we reached the back nine. I shot a 40 on the front and proceeded to shoot a one under par on the back and beat him by 3 shots. The greatest thing was the last 3 holes as he was betting and pushing the bet after each hole that I won. I birdied the last three holes! The money I won offset the round that he paid for so I was able to call it even and let him keep the bet......and it was my best round to that point."   
"Rick" - Playing in on a nice November day in 1999 and getting a hole in one. I have since gotten a second one hole-in-one in 2007. Strangely enough, I also had a hole out from 145 yards on a par 4 before I finally got an eagle on a par 5 in 2011."   
"Kevin" - even after 16, eagle 17, birdie 18"   
"David" - Played at the oldest course in the US which is Oakhurst in White Sulphur Springs WV. You have to use old wooden clubs, gutta percha balls and dress in knickers."   
"Michael" - Golf Club of Dublin, I was 2 under making the turn. My playing partner decided to talk about/make a big deal of it, and I proceeded to bogey the next 4 holes. Finished with an 80, which still today is the best round I've ever shot."   
"Jose" - Playing Ocean Course, I walked it with a expereince"   
"Tom" - It's now been 35 years ago, but I shot an 8 under par 64 on my home course....set a new course record."   
"Tim" - I've been playing golf for the past 38 years of my life, since age 10. I've played competitive High School and College golf as well as competitive amateur golf in Ohio during 2000-2005. As for my best round of golf, I would share my best ""rounds"" in which I shot 73-73 in the 2005 Ohio Mid-Amateur at Windy Knoll to finish in the top 5. This tournament was played under very windy conditions both days, wind gusts of 25-40 both days which drove tournament scoring average to nearly 79."   
"Sury" - When I broke 85 for the first time.   
"Paula" - It was a Cinderella story that it too long to share in a small box!   
"Bill" - Having a hole in one during a member/guest at Kinsdale GC in 2007. What a thrill.   
"Jeffrey" - Before retiring, I was a Professor at UD teaching computer-related classes, so using a tablet is easy for me. By best round of golf stories are playing St. Andrews Old Course with a birdie on the 18th, and playing the Pebble Beach courses two weeks ago (really enjoyed Spyglass, but 30 MPH winds on Spanish bay and Pebble Beach were brutal."   
"John" - I try to make my most recent round my best round. I don't always succeed, but I am trying to be more positive about each shot and trying not to let myself get upset when I don't hit that perfect shot."   
"Kenneth" - Still searching for my best round of golf!   
"Arnie" - First hole in one on my 60th. birthday and my best round on my 61st. birthday this past May 5th.   
"Kent" - Still waiting for the ""best"" one!"   
"James" - 3 under 69   
"Bob" - As a bogey golfer playing Pine Barrens (World Woods) a number of years ago, I was just grateful to be out on another Florida golf course with a friend. #7 tee was somewhat elevated, about 177 yards that day. I chose a 7-iron, and hit it sweet - just enough divot to give me the chills. As the ball hit the green, it rolled to the right about 25 feet, which is when I lost sight of it. I heard from my ""friend"", ""Great par, Swanny!"" (Oh, I shanked my initial tee shot out of bounds...)"   
"Grady" - I was 1 over par after 16. I had two long par fours left at Cook's Creek. I hit a 5 iron into the front left bunker on 17 about 30 feet from the hole. I holed the bunker shot. I just wanted to par 18. I hit the drive in the fairway but had just over 200 yards left. I hit a 2 hybrid about 20 right of the hole with a downhill put breaking about 18 inches right to left. The putt went in the middle of the hole for a 71. It is still the only under par round I have had.   
"Bryan" - My best round of golf came at Springfield Country Club where I was invited to play as a guest. I played poorly the front 9 but finished strong. Very beautiful Donald Ross course. I am a 15 handicap.   
"Benjamin" - On my first trip to Bandon Dunes I was playing the Old Macdonald Course on a wet, windy, chilly day. As I'm walking down the fairway of #11 (The Road Hole) an intense storm kicked up and the wind was howling and the rain was coming down in sheets. I got the biggest grin on my face and turned to my caddy and said, ""this is a blast!"" I can't imagine saying that on any other golf course in the US. It was as if it was supposed to be crappy weather playing that course. It was easily my most memorable day on a golf course."   
"Adam" - Playing at Grand Cypress last week I got to see Ryo Ishikawa playing in the group ahead - awesome close up view!   
"William" - Last year at age 65 I shot my best round ever, a 78 at the Twin Base course at Wright Patt AFB."   
"Gregory" - My hole in one at the Urbana C C was memorable...August 31, 2006...Hole #12...157 yards...playing at Tooth of the Dog with my sons...grand. But the Ward Tourney we have held for years at Mackinac Island on all three courses with my sons is the finest memory. I won last year...the ""Grand Hotel Pitcher"" award will go to the new winner in several weeks. The best is to play this amazing golf with my sons."   
"Scott" - Kings Island Open in 80's, last hole Crenshaw vs Andy North. Crenshaw has one shot lead, lays up on the par 5 final hole. North goes for it and hits it just over the green. Crenshaw wedges it to about 12 feet, North chips close, but Crenshaw cans the putt to win."   
"Jesse D" - No stories just love getting out and playing trying encourage more young people. Working with several now   
"Larry" - I've been playing Golf for 50 don't want to hear all my stories.   
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