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 Miami Valley Golf Preferred

Why Update our Logo

In the spring of 2023, after adopting our revamped operational guidelines and in working with our planning organization we determined a new direction with our logo was warranted.  We organized our logo redevelopment into three priorities.  

The first, was to create an Icon, that through time, would come to uniquely identify Miami Valley Golf from other organizations, both in and out of the game. 

The second, to ensure a connection to our community.  We feel we have accomplished this within the design by incorporating a hole flag and air strip directional image as well as our initials, MVG to represent our collective golf community. 

And thirdly, to communicate an image that would speak to our organizational alignment of focusing our game to make a greater difference for everyone in the Miami Valley. 


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 MVG Horizontal
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Closed Icon
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Closed Icon  
Circle Icon
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 Circle Icon 
MVG Reversed
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MVGA Pantone Parlett
Rich Blue - Hex #0069B1
Lt Blue - Hex #7BA4DB
Red - Hex #E10600
Cool Gray - Hex 75787B
Font - Graphie
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