Spectator Information
Spectators are welcome and encouraged to attend the US Open Sectional Qualifier at Springfield Country Club.  There is no fee to attend and Beverages and Food is available to purchases on the Clubhouse Porch.   No spectator carts are permitted.
If you do plan on attending we ask that you follow these guidelines
Please stay a reasonable distance from the players (at least 25 yards).
Due to USGA Regulations, no Spectator Carts are Permitted.
Spectators may walk up to the green to watch but they may NOT go on the green and please avoid being in field of vision.
Cell phones and pagers must be off or their ringers turned to the silent mode. NOT vibrate mode.
Spectators may carry participant’s umbrella, apparel, food and water and search for player’s golf ball. They may NOT carry any equipment.
Spectators shall not interfere in the play of a participant. This includes, but is not limited to:
A. Asking a player what their score was on a particular hole.
B. Giving rulings or advice to any player.
C. Providing yardage
D. Verbal communication with the participant
E. Hand signals to the participant
F. Providing participants with written material
G. Positioning yourself as a spectator to assist the player with aim or alignment.
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