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 Meggan Weaver
 -Meggan Weaver, a devoted resident of Sidney, Ohio, has built a life rich in community service, family, and a love for golf. She lives with her husband, Jim Weaver, who introduced her to the game that has become a central part of their lives together.

Meggan's journey into the world of golf began while she was dating Jim. Her father suggested she take up the game to develop a shared interest with Jim, and this advice proved to be transformative. In the summer of 1998, Meggan joined her first golf league, marking the start of her long-standing passion for the sport. She is now a regular player and a proud member of Shelby Oaks, where she enjoys the camaraderie and competition that golf offers.

For the past five years, Meggan has been a dedicated volunteer with Miami Valley Golf. Her commitment to the organization reflects her deep love for the game and her desire to give back to the golfing community. Volunteering has brought her wonderful friendships and countless learning experiences, enriching her life in many ways.

Beyond the golf course, Meggan's dedication to service extends to her involvement with the Alpha Delta Pi sorority and the National Panhellenic Conference. Her efforts in these organizations demonstrate her commitment to fostering leadership, education, and community among women.

Meggan retired from Sidney City School, allowing her more time to pursue her passions and volunteer work. She loves to read and travel, and she and Jim cherish their time in Florida over the winter.

Family is at the heart of Meggan's life. She and Jim treasure their close-knit family, which includes two sons, two daughters-in-law, two grandsons, two granddaughters, and two beloved grand-dogs.

Thanks for being such a dedicated Miami Valley Golf Volunteer! 

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