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employment opportunities
With Miami Valley Golf 
Location: Generally at the Event Sites, depending on the event there will be some training that will generally occur at the South Dayton, Association Office. 
Seasonal Positions 
Events (Generally Monday) Review Schedule
Assist in the organization and administration of tournaments, including DDWGA, MVM, MVGA and United States Golf Association sponsored events. - Preparation of tournament reports, official score cards, local rules, hole locations, scoreboards, and tournament staff assignments.  
Preparation of tournament site, this includes some course marking and course set-up.  Tent(s), registration, scoreboards, cart preparation and other equipment.  
Assist with data entry, specifically tournament real-time scoring (USGA Tournament Management Software powered by Golf Genius). 
League Manager (Tuesday Afternoon into the Evening)
New in 2019 Miami Valley Golf intends to run one golf league and will need at least two individuals to manage the league.  The intention will be to have one League Manager play in the first group and manage the scoring as groups come in, and the second League Manager to ensure every things is set up for the league and tee off each group collecting any game entry for for that day's round. 
Association Awareness Days (Weekend Mornings in May and June)
Began in 2018, Association Awareness Days, provide discussion opportunities and Trackman information for those wishing to be measured. 
Applicants must have a basic understanding of the game of golf and be physically able to perform light manual labor.  Some basic computer skills will also be necessary.
Based on the event or position assigned.  
Employee must have own transportation.  Mileage will be reimbursed for all related expenses when traveling on Association business and will be reimbursed for the use of personal automobile while on official business. 
Based on Position, Generally these positions begin at $10 per hour.
Successful applicant will be expected to present a clean and neat appearance.  MVGA branded attire will be supplied.
Resumes are not necessary and interview/discussions will occur in February and March prior to the Golf Season 
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